SNOWCREST and SLANG Worldwide Strategic Alliance

EXCITING NEWS!! — SNOWCREST is thrilled to announce we have entered into a strategic alliance with SLANG Worldwide for the Washington State cannabis market. The widely respected host of brands by SLANG, along with both our Teams’ shared core values and vision for growth, are a perfect fit. SNOWCREST proudly manufacturers the highest quality flower, vape and edibles for distribution throughout the state of Washington. We look forward to years of successful growth together with the dynamic team and product brands of SLANG Worldwide!

The Best Cannabis Products, Locally Grown in the Vancouver, Washington Area

The experts at SNOWCREST produce the best cannabis products for your shop in Vancouver – Tacoma - Seattle. Medical & recreational flower, concentrate, oil & ediblesSNOWCREST goes the extra mile to produce the absolute best cannabis products in the Vancouver, Seattle, Tacoma and Pacific Northwest region. We enable our retail partners to offer the very best taste, aroma, flavor and efficacy to both medical and recreational customers. Once your customers try SNOWCREST products, all others become second-best.

Cannabis Flowers

The best cannabis products start with the best plants, and our insightful growing practices are foundational to everything we do. As an I502 Artisan Producer/Processor with a state-of-the-art facility, we grow exceptional cannabis flowers in organic soil. Meeting or exceeding the expectations of even the most experienced cannabis customers, our plants are cared for by hand using the safest organic nutrients to attain maximum natural maturity.

Cannabis Concentrates

From the finest flower, we create the highest quality cannabis concentrate using our Apeks Supercritical CO2 equipment and technology. This results in some of the most pure, fully activated and versatile vaping oils on the market. From familiar aromas and tastes to exciting new ones that expand your customers’ enjoyment, our oils are meticulously made without additives or fillers so you get more of each strain’s distinctive characteristics.

The Best Cannabis Products, Locally Grown in the Vancouver, Washington AreaBest Cannabis Products in Vancouver / Tacoma / Seattle

From flower to concentrate, our carefully tended small batch cannabis provides consistent, flavorful and potent medical and recreational effects. Cannabis enthusiasts have come to trust our care-driven approach and decades of hands-on experience to produce the absolute best cannabis products on the market. Try our products in your dispensary – you won’t be sorry!

Meeting the Highest Expectations With the Best Cannabis Products, Made in the Vancouver Area

Serving Tacoma, Longview, Olympia, Seattle, Bremerton, Silverdale, Everett, Bellingham, Spokane & Wenatchee